Erin Napier's Birthday Gift from Hubby Ben Is So Sweet You Might Cry

All the proof you need that Ben and Erin Napier are the cutest couple ever.

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As if you needed any further convincing, now you have it.

Ladies and gents, could Ben and Erin Napier be any more adorable? We think we covet their relationship on an entirely new level after learning about this sweet anniversary gift tradition.

"Every November for our anniversary, gives me the books. It started with the tiny little book he wrote and made to propose to me at @squarebooks in college, and continued with each anniversary. They document the best moments of each month of our marriage, and he makes them from that year's traditional gift, always with the same simple titling. Year 1: paper. 2: cotton. 3: leather. 4: flowers. 5: wood. 6: iron. 7: copper & wool. 8: linen and bronze. 9: willow. Last year found us in the hardest season of our lives, filming 6 months of episodes in just 4 months to finish before Helen was born. We beat her to the finish line by just two weeks. And so my book never came on our 9th anniversary," Erin Napier captioned an instagram post yesterday.

"In the first book, Big told me that as long as I'm his girl, I'll get my books for our anniversary. Every year I read them and cry, and they're my most special objects. This weekend for my birthday he walked into the kitchen while I was harried and busy and pulled the 9 year book he made from willow wood from behind his back. Every entry ends with 'I love you.' It was a very happy birthday." This is the stuff rom-com dreams are made of, folks.

This isn't the first time the Laurel, Mississippi couple has wowed us with their adoration of each other. There is the love note Erin wrote to Ben that will make you cry. Or what about that thoughtful Christmas presents Ben surprised Erin's family with one year? The list goes on and on.

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If you're a fan of the couple, next month is your lucky month. Ben and Erin's first book, Make Something Good Today, debuts on October 2nd, 2018.

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