“It is breathtaking. We have to lean into each other to survive it.”

By Meghan Overdeep
April 13, 2020

Four months after a tornado pummeled Laurel, Mississippi’s historic district, Erin Napier revealed that the rural area highlighted in HGTV’s Home Town has been the victim of severe weather yet again.

Upwards of 34 tornadoes ripped through several Southern states yesterday, the National Weather Service reports.  The deadly rash of storms, which is now barreling up with east coast, killed at least 19 people and damaged countless structures on an already difficult Easter Sunday.

On Twitter, Napier revealed that although she and her family emerged unscathed from the storms, the tiny nearby town of Soso was completely destroyed.

“Lots of our friends and neighbors have lost their homes tonight,” she said.

“Imagine this: you’ve lost your job to the virus or you’ve been working from home to keep your salary when a catastrophic mile wide F4/5 tornado rips your home away from you. On Easter Sunday. While your babies were still excited about the Easter bunny’s visit earlier that morning,” Napier wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“That’s the unimaginable thing facing so, so many of our friends and neighbors today after yesterday’s weather,” the Home Town star continued. “It is breathtaking. We have to lean into each other to survive it.”

So, Napier is offering fans a way to help. The talented designed went on to announced that 100% of the proceeds of Laurel Mercantile’s limited-edition “Hometown Strong” print ($25) will go to local organizations like The Glory House that are “helping our displaced families get fed and clothed.”

“Laurel’s rural community and towns like Soso need your help desperately,” the HGTV star concluded.

You can also donate to The Glory House, one of Laurel’s most powerful volunteer crisis organizations, via Paypal and Venmo.

Our hearts are with all those impacted by this terrible turn of events.