Motherhood had long been my greatest fear — and a shameful one at that.
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Ben and Erin Napier
Credit: Brooke Davis

When looking at photos of Erin Napier with her adorable baby Helen, it's hard to imagine her making the role of mama look any more natural. The confident and kind mom seems like a total rock star, whether she's on a family outing with Ben and Helen to Waffle House or showing us Helen's handsomely decorated nursery.

And yet, the veneer of social media doesn't often show what may go internally as a new or expecting mom. In a new instagram post featuring an excerpt from Ben and Erin Napier's debut book, Make Something Good Today, Erin opens up about her hesitations about becoming a mother. "Motherhood had long been my greatest fear — and a shameful one at that. But I didn't want to be afraid of it. Every single night, when I turned out the bedside light, I asked myself, 'Will I ever be brave enough? For all of it?'" the excerpt reads, accompanied by two sweet photos of Helen playing in the bathtub.

In the caption part of the post, Erin writes, "I've gotten mountains of messages from women telling me that talking about this crippling fear of mine gave them some hope and made them feel less alone in it, and that makes the long days spent writing our book worth it. Swipe to see what I was so afraid of and wonder with me why in the world I let that keep me from her as long as it did." Her typical candid honesty makes us adore the HGTV Home Town star even more.

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Make Something Good Today is now available online and in stores. You can catch Ben and Erin on their book tour this fall — see the dates and locations here.