Erin Napier Shares Her Easy Recipe for Monkey Bread

"It’s monkey bread season."

Monkey Bread


It's monkey bread season, indeed!

When HGTV Home Town's Erin Napier calls on us to whip up a batch of the sweet-and-sticky dessert, we step up to the skillet and listen. Who's ready to follow along with her simple recipe?

"It’s monkey bread season," she wrote in an Instagram post back in 2020. "1 can of flaky canned biscuits quartered, coated in cinnamon sugar, 3 [tablespoons] of butter melted in cast iron, stir in 1/4 cup of cinnamon sugar and let it begin to melt, throw in the sugared biscuits, bake at 350° for 15, flip out onto a plate to let the butter glaze coat it all." (In the comments section Napier also added that she uses a 10-inch skillet with eight biscuits.) Based on the two photos she shared with us of the golden pastry, we're definitely revising tonight's desserts plans accordingly and saving extra room in our bellies.

With followers chiming in with comments ranging from "You're bringing me these right??" and "Ok this method Is SO much better than the bundt pan version I was raised with!!" to "I remember learning to make these in Girl Scouts!" and "I used to make these for my grandkids. They are good with chopped pecans also!" it's clear the post resonated.

We think a heaping portion of monkey bread pairs really well with tuning into the next episode of Home Town. Leave it to Erin Napier to remind us that it's always a good time for a sweet treat that is easy and delicious.

What recipes have you been making recently to provide you with a taste of comfort right now? We'd love to hear your favorites.

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