Swoon central.

Erin and Ben Napier
Credit: Instagram @scotsman.co

Laurel residents Ben and Erin Napier have love for their small town, love for their Southern roots, and love for each other. Oh boy, do they have love for each other! The HGTV Home Town stars and new parents to baby Helen aren't shy about expressing their adoration of each other on social media. Recently, Erin took that articulation to new heights with the sweetest note on instagram.

Captioning a photo of Ben reading on a bench next to Helen and her stroller, Erin began, "I had to work late, but he is always there. He holds her in the crook of his arm and sways her until she smiles when she feels bad. He takes care of my worthless little old Volkswagen with peeling paint and tells me it's cool because it was mine. He wants to be in the woodshop, but he knows I am under a deadline and will not make me feel guilty about that. He reads a book in the park while I finish my work. He tells me he is proud of me when the day is finally done and I come down from our studio. We pick up cold sandwiches from the coffee shop for dinner, and he doesn't complain." Then came the goosebumps-worthy kicker: "It's an embarrassment of riches, these two."

Since she posted the photo yesterday evening, the photo has received 16,175 likes and counting, along with many, many comments from doting fans.

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Erin wasn't the only one to express her devotion to her better half on social media yesterday. "This is Lucy Blue, the car @erinapier drove in college," Ben wrote, accompanying a photo on instagram featuring Erin in her Volkswagen Beetle. "Even though it's not collectible or valuable, it's priceless to me. We did a lot of riding in that Beetle, listening to cool music I had never heard. She was the first and only girl who ever made me feel like I was out of my league."

These sweet parents clearly deserve a joyride to celebrate their love. Safe to say we can only imagine what this duo drums up for each other on Valentine's Day.