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Erin Napier Headshot
Credit: Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images

We've long known Erin Napier has a way with words. From the beautiful prose in the book she wrote with husband Ben, Make Something Good Today, to the way she describes her love for her hubby, Laurel's leading lady sure knows how to tug at our heartstrings.

This Saturday, June, 6, on the 76th anniversary of D-Day, which marks the Allied forces invading Normandy and ultimately obtaining victory over Nazi-occupied France, Napier shared a touching tribute to her grandfather who was on the frontlines of battle. "I wish so badly I could talk to my grandfather today, on the anniversary of D-Day. He was on the minesweeper at Normandy beach that received the first enemy gunfire. Imagine the courage of those welders, carpenters, teachers, engineers, doctors and farmers who crossed the ocean to save the world, knowing they might never come home," she wrote. "He was always gentlemanly, smelling of Old Spice after-shave, and his shirtsleeves covered the dark blue tattoos of anchors and serpents that wrapped his biceps, along with a heart around my grand-mother's name. He could cuss like the sailor he was, but the passage of time and the church had smoothed his rough edges by the time he passed in 2004. There's so much I never asked him." Along with the post, Napier shares two gorgeous black-and-white photos.

With over 46,476 likes and counting, fans were clearly moved by Napier's words, eliciting comments from those whose family members also served our country on D-Day and praise alike. "So thankful to your Grandfather and all those men!" one fan wrote, while another said, "The Greatest Generation! They earned that coining."

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As always, we're moved by the heroism of those who freed the world and future generation from Nazi Germany's dictatorship. Particularly now, taking time to reflect on history seems more timely than ever. Like Napier's grandfather so bravely did, it's a poignant reminder to always march forward.