Erin Napier's Daughter Helen Gets Her First Pocketbook and There's Such a Sweet Story Behind It

We want one for ourselves.

Now that we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that HGTV's Home Town is being renewed for a fifth season (check out our video below for more details), we can get back to our regularly scheduled Ben and Erin Napier-obsessing. And swoon we will over Erin's latest Instagram update, where she shared the sweetest story behind her daughter Helen's first purse.

Ben and Erin Napier on Porch
Brooke Davis

"In 2013, on the eve of her major surgery, @farmhandmadeco and I connected thanks to the random magic of her finding my old online journal. We became close friends and sent many letters between Mississippi and Indiana, grown up pen pals, the mentor (Lisa) and her student (me). She has taught me lessons about motherhood and creativity and blooming where you’re planted, and has been such an influence on my life, you’ll even find her name in the acknowledgements of our memoir, Make Something Good Today," writes Erin, alongside a photo of two beautiful matching tan purses. "She happens to be a masterful leather worker and jewelry maker and Helen and I are the luckiest because we are her new product guinea pigs! Look at Helen’s first (tiny) purse! If you want to support an artisan, mama, wife, farmer and breast cancer survivor who makes the world a better place, see the link in my profile!"

You can buy "Erin's backpack bucket tote" on the website of Lisa's small business, Rural Route 3, here for $275. The pocketbook Erin is gifting two-year-old Helen, the "Girl's mini-crossbody" is available here for $78. You can shop Rural Route 3's full collection,which includes jewelry, tool belts, belts, baskets, and more bags, here.

Right now, more than ever, supporting small businesses is a great way to help these independently-owned operations recover in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. We'd love to hear if you have a favorite small business you're loving these days.

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