The Home Town stars need your help!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 21, 2018
The Washington Post/Getty Images

Ben and Erin Napier are kicking off their Make Something Good Today book tour on October 1st, and while all the travel and logistics have been ironed out, there's one thing that hasn't: How are they going to keep their daughter Helen entertained on an airplane?

On September 19th, Erin Napier took to instagram to invite fans to chime in with advice for flying with a baby. "The world's most busy-body baby is leaving on a jet plane in a few weeks for the book tour and I need your advice. How do you keep a 9 month old (who doesn't like to be held and can crawl lightning fast and wants to walk but can't quite yet so she pulls up and bounces and falls down) occupied on a flight?" she wrote, captioning a photo of sweet baby Helen. "She's never looked at a phone or an iPad and I'm taking it as a personal challenge at this point to see how long we can last without them. So hit me, internet. How do we keep this baby happy if she doesn't nap? GO!"

So far, little Helen has accompanied the new parents on Waffle House outings and on the set while filming Home Town, but flying together will be a first for the family. Fans eagerly chimed in with advice ranging from, "My son is almost 2 and we still don't keep him busy with screens either. Fill an old wallet with cards and things she can pull out of it. Bring a magnetic board and magnets. Homemade playdoh that's okay if she gets in her mouth," from @chels.kelley to "Target dollar section has great little toys to introduce to her on a plane. If you can find those gummy toys to stick to the windows and the back of the seats (after you Clorox wipe them of course ;-)) kept my girl entertained," from @hughes_that_girl.

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