See Erin Napier's Gorgeous Wedding Dress

The HGTV star shared two photos along with the sweetest 10th anniversary note to Ben.

Ben and Erin Napier Porch
Photo: Brooke Davis

Erin Napier certainly has a way with words, whether it's capturing her daughter's baptism or describing the best advice she ever got from her mom. Now, she's blown us away yet again, this time describing her gratitude for husband Ben Napier in honor of Thanksgiving and their 10th anniversary.

"I'm thankful for marriage today. I'm thankful for the size 14 boots I trip over in our bedroom, for the sound of the basketball bouncing in the backyard every morning at 4:30 am, for the empty glass on the coffee table, for wood chips in the dryer, for the cream left on the counter by the coffee maker, for the huge boxes of car parts and tools that arrive in the mail most every day. The things that might annoy remind me that I'm not alone, that I get to share this home with you and all the quirks that are distinctly you," she begins her moving post, touching on the little things that seal their relationship's inimitable bond.

"I'm thankful to be in your circle, with your arm around me, that you pick me first to be on your team, that you assume yourself to be a friend to every stranger you meet, and that you say 'I love you,' after every phone call, even a question from the grocery store aisle about cereal. I am thankful for everything about you, and especially, that you made me a mother. Happy Thanksgiving and 10th anniversary, (Photos: @litt.le)," the post concludes reminding us to cherish life's tiny blessings, always.

Along with the touching love note, Napier shared two beautiful photos of the couple on their wedding day. While the first photo only reveals a glimpse of Napier's dress with a side-view of her white fascinator, the second shot shows the dress in more detail.

Click to the second picture, and fans get to see more of the gorgeous embroidered gown, which features a timeless V-neck and an embellished sash. Napier pairs the dress with a simple necklace and pearl statement earrings peeking out from under her loose, blonde curls. Don't even get us started on their perfect embroidery-inspired cake wrapped in a big, bedazzled bow.

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Can't wait for Season 3 of Home Town to make it to HGTV? Since an exact air date for 2019 hasn't been revealed yet, you can tide yourself over with the couple's new book, Make Something Good Today: A Memoir.

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