Erin Napier Shares Smart Yard Maintenance Advice You'll Want to Hear in Latest Episode of 'Home Town'

Plus, see the photos of the stunning transformation of Erin's Uncle Danny's new home.

In the most recent episode of the fifth season of HGTV's Home Town, "All in the Family," Ben and Erin Napier take on the new home of Erin's Uncle Danny. The end result was quite the feast for our eyes when we took in the post-renovation tour.

The pre-renovation views...not so much. One of the areas of the home in need of the most TLC? The yard. Before the Napiers waved their magic wand over it, it was covered with overgrown greenery. That's when Erin laid down the law, and the overgrown greenery was cleaned up so you could actually, you know, see the yard. After the yard maintenance was done and the bulk of the greenery was removed, Erin chimed in: "You can finally see the house, and that is nice. We're starting fresh, with just the good stuff, and now we can begin to plant more." As Erin schooled us, sometimes a clean slate in the yard is your best bet for achieving the landscaping look you desire, rather than trying to trim and work with what you have. Duly noted, Laurel's Leading Lady.

Ben and Erin Napier on Steps
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

If you'd like to see the home's renovation, Erin shared some photos over on Insagram and answered some burning questions fans had regarding the latest episode. "#HGTVHomeTown season 5 has become the family and friends season, and that always makes our job so easy. These episodes are funnier, warmer, more personal than the seasons before," she reflected. "Y'all loved my uncle Danny, and there were so many questions! (like is he single? no, he's been married to my aunt forever but she was camera shy!) And how are y'all all related? (Danny is my dad's brother. Jim is Danny's son, my first cousin, whom I introduced to my best friend @malraz when we were roomies at Ole Miss and they got married shortly after Ben and I did.) How did their baby grow up so fast? (That is Lucy, their oldest baby girl! She's 7 and Lottie is almost 1). Wait, @jobforjim is a financial advisor? (yes! the best one ever, just ask our savings and investments or look him up at" See the full post below.

Can't get enough of Home Town? Check out Ben Napier's new spin-off series on discovery+, Home Town: Ben's Workshop.

Who's been loving the fifth season of Home Town? During these long months cooped up at home, we're grateful we can escape the four walls of our own abode for a bit every Sunday night and teleport ourselves to Laurel as new episodes premiere.

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