We’re taking notes.

Erin and Ben Napier continue to use their powers for good.

In the latest episode of Home Town, the design duo goes out of their single-family comfort zone to help a couple turn an old house into a nonprofit transitional home for women called Dwell.  

Erin and Ben Napier
Credit: HGTV

The clients, Lisa and Mike Cochran, task the Napiers with transforming the rundown house into a comfortable and happy place for women to rebuild themselves following hard times. To complicate things even further, it also has to function for multiple people and their children.

Determined to make an uplifting sanctuary for the home's future residents, Erin focuses on using color to create a joyful ambiance in the common spaces as well as the exterior.

"I did a lot of research in college about color psychology, and certain colors make you feel hungry or happy or sad or sleepy," Erin explains. "In a color palette of sky blue, light-coral colors, lemon-meringue yellow, and then lots of neutrals and creams around those colors together give you a feeling of happiness."

Erin brings her uplifting vision to life by painting the exterior of the house pastel blue while a whimsical coral front door provides a welcoming pop. Inside, the living room gets a hearty dose of cheer thanks to sunny yellow walls and cream accents.

This isn't the first time the Napiers have worked with the Cochrans to give back to the people of Laurel—a collaboration Erin has hinted at numerous times.

Lisa and Mike also founded The Remnant, the "co-op shop with a purpose" that Erin donated her Home Town wardrobe to last year. The Remnant funds Dwell and other efforts to gives women the tools to return to society successfully.

Good work, y'all!