Erin and Ben Napier on 'Home Town' 's Transformation Over Past 5 Seasons

“The show has changed so much.”

A lot has changed since the first episode of Home Town aired on HGTV in 2016. Over the course of five seasons, hosts Erin and Ben Napier have welcomed a daughter, mourned loved ones, and navigated everything from tornadoes to pandemics with compassion and grace—all while transforming their beloved Laurel, Mississippi.

Through it all, they even managed to land a couple of spin-off shows. Home Town Takeover is expected to debut later this year, while Home Town: Ben's Workshop kicks off tonight, January 4, on Discovery+.

Ahead of Sunday night's premiere of Home Town season five, the busy couple spoke with Country Living about how their hit series has also shifted over the years.

"The show has changed so much," said Ben. "Season one, you're trying to figure out the blueprint, and figure out what's boring or unnecessary. [HGTV] gave us the opportunity to figure out the mold and break it every episode."

But don't worry: your favorite parts aren't going anywhere.

"You're going to see a home tour, and a big reveal, but the stuff in between we have more freedom with now," explained Ben.

Ben and Erin Napier

The first episode, which features a widowed photographer and good friend of Ben and Erin's, sets the tone for a more personal season to come. We're especially looking forward to the episode where they treat Home Town showrunner Angela Tarrant to a makeover of her own.

"We're constantly pulling back the curtain and showing the process—how it works together with the homeowner and how it gets complicated when it's also your boss," the couple shared. "Angie is our showrunner, so she knows all of the nitty gritty."

Oh, we can't wait!

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