The grocer even thew in a virtual wedding cake decorating session and gave the bride's family, who couldn't travel for the wedding, an identical cake.
Erin and Ben Cohen and Publix Wedding Cake
Credit: Soni Cohen

Like many couples, the coronavirus pandemic threw Erin Butler and her fiancé Ben Cohen's nuptials for a loop, and the Lakeland, Florida, headquartered grocer knew they wanted to do something meaningful for the soon-to-be Cohens because of Erin's love for the brand. Once Publix heard last month how much Erin loved the supermarket chain and how important having a Publix wedding cake was for the bride, they decided to gift the couple a Publix cake—with some special bells and whistles.

This past weekend, Erin and her now-husband Ben wed on August 16 in Minnesota, where Ben’s family hails, miles away from her hometown of Coral Springs, Florida. They had quite the cake to mark the occasion. "Growing up in Coral Springs, Florida, I don’t remember a birthday party, graduation, or other celebration without a Publix cake so as soon we get got engaged I knew I wanted a Publix cake at our wedding," Erin shares with Southern Living. "Because we planned to get married in Minnesota we thought maybe my brother could fly with a cake on his lap, but pandemic travel restrictions got in the way of our best laid plans. Celebrating a wedding during the pandemic meant we had to sacrifice a lot so we were overjoyed when Publix offered to help make our wedding cake dreams come true!"

Publix sent a cake and all the accessories needed to create Erin's dream cake to Minnesota. The couple worked with Publix decorator Brittany Lavallee via live video consultation to bring their stunning wedding cake to life, from icing it, to putting on all the flowers. "Working with Brittany to assemble and decorate our cake was an experience that we will never forget. Brittany walked us through step-by-step how to assemble the layers of the cake and the most fun part was decorating with the tub of butter cream frosting they shipped us in Minnesota," explains Erin. "We had hoped they would give us the recipe, but they keep that under lock and key. The cake was so beautiful, we used it as inspiration for my bouquet and the colors even matched Ben’s suit. Since my family in Florida could not travel to be with us in person, Publix sent them an identical cake and we were able to share the experience which was extra special for us," she continues adding her immense gratitude for Brittany and Publix participating in their wedding festivities.

It sure is an elegant confection, right? We'd be lying if we didn't admit we'd feel a little badly about eating something so beautiful.

Publix Wedding Cake
Credit: Ben Cohen

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On second thought, once our teeth sink into that vanilla cake, we're pretty sure we'd get over it. Best wishes to the newlyweds.