This Mississippi couple is "thrilled" about finally having the house to themselves.

Empty Nester Photo Shoot
Credit: Facebook/Haley Marie Photography

Some parents get all torn up about transitioning to life as empty nesters. Amy and Randy English are not those parents.

The Mississippi couple isn't torn up at all. In fact, they chose to celebrate the departure of their last child with a hilarious photoshoot.

Their 22-year-old daughter, photographer Haley Jones, will become their last child to move out this weekend. Jones told Yahoo Lifestyle that she's making the 30-minute move from Pontotoc to Oxford, where she works as a nanny. She said that she and her parents decided to do a photo shoot because she just started her own photography business on the side.

Jones shared the photos—a brilliant play on the ever-popular social media birth announcement—on her Facebook page earlier this week. "Most parents are a little sad when they hit the ‘empty nest' phase of life," Jones wrote alongside the snaps. "However, my parents seem thrilled."

The now-viral post (below) quickly racked up more than 100,000 likes and nearly 200,000 shares.

"We decided to do this photo shoot when I signed my lease in March," Jones explained to Yahoo. "I wanted to take a picture of my mom and dad outside of my apartment building's office and then she suggested we wait and do them closer to time and do an empty nester photo shoot. We had never seen one, so we just threw it together!"

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Well, y'all nailed it!