Just in case you get snowed in this winter!

By Meghan Overdeep
January 16, 2019

Costco has the market cornered on a lot of things—free samples, food court pizza, and discounts, just to name a few. But if there's one thing Costco is known for, it's selling products in bulk.

We're talking about enough peanut butter and toilet paper to last a family of 12 for a month. But even their biggest packages of paper towels look like child's play compared to their "emergency food" offerings.

You've probably already heard about the buzzy new additions to their already impressive lineup of worst-case-scenario foodstuffs, like the 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese and the seven-pound tub of Nutella. But you might not know is that Costco also offers a wide variety of more practical kits to keep you fed throughout whatever emergency—weather or otherwise—might befall you.

The Emergency Food ARK, for example, comes complete with a one-month supply of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options for just $115. Meals include cheddar cheese grits with green chilies, chicken-flavored vegetable stew, creamy mashed potatoes and more. And the whole thing has a shelf-life of up to 20 years.

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Preparedness gurus might also be interested in Costco's kit of Mountain House Freeze Dried Chicken Stew ($145), which packs 60 servings and a 30-year taste guarantee.

But Costco's crown jewel of emergency kits is easily the Nutristore 1-Year Premium Food Kit. This gargantuan supply of canned goods includes 36,000 servings of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and more and will run you an eye-watering $6,000.

Well you know what they say, you can't put a price on being prepared!