"I think God sent me there."

Man Eats with Stranger
Credit: Facebook/Jamario Howard

After she was joined by three young strangers who spotted her dining alone at an Alabama restaurant two weeks ago, the elderly widow at the center of the now-viral story is speaking out about the interaction that touched the nation.

Speaking with CBS News last week, 80-year-old Eleanor Baker described her experience with Jamario Howard and his friends at Brad's Bar-B-Que in Oxford as a message from God.

"I think it was a God thing. I think God sent me there," the recently widowed Baker said of the chance encounter that took place the day before what would have been her 60th anniversary.

Baker, who lives with her dog, explained to CBS that while she has a big family, they mostly live out of town, which is why she was dining alone that night.

Howard, who spotted her eating alone, promptly invited her to join him and his friends. "And it was really just a nice, pleasant evening," Baker told CBS.

Howard and his friends felt similarly.

"When we left there, that's all we talked about," Tae Knight told CBS.

They have all vowed to make room for each other in their lives, and have already met up a second time—for dinner.

"I already feel like we're her grandkids," Howard said.

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How sweet is that y'all?