Paul Gilbert Anchondo, whose parents died protecting him, is the youngest survivor of the tragic Walmart shooting.

Paul Gilbert Anchondo, the youngest survivor of the El Paso Walmart shooting, celebrated his 1st birthday over the weekend. He was just two months old when his parents died shielding him from the shooter who took the lives of 23 people on August 3, 2019.

What began as a small celebration for family and friends, swelled as more community members learned about it. On Saturday, hundreds of El Paso residents participated in a parade honoring the child's miraculous survival.

“He’s a symbol of the goodness that came out of it because he brought everyone even more so together," motorcyclist Joshua Hernandez, who participated in the parade, told KVIA.

Baby Paul’s mother, Jordan Anchondo, was shielding him with her body when she was shot. His father, Andre Anchondo, died trying to protect them both.

“We want him to remember that everybody here in the El Paso area and our community is supporting him,” Gilbert Anchondo, the boy’s grandfather, explained to KVIA, “that he’s not by himself."