"According to mac and cheese, I'm a family of four."


Y'all, stop what you're doing this instant and take a few minutes to flip through the hilarious signs of Austin restaurant El Arroyo. If you're anything like us, these ridiculously funny church signs will have you rolling on the floor, and we promise these clever wordplays will have you, well, arroyo-ing on the floor, too. According to Reader's Digest, the sign has been up since the restaurant first opened back in 1975. Over time a devoted, loyal fanbase developed and the sign has become a popular off-the-beaten-path attraction. Visitors can submit their own slogans for consideration for the famous whiteboard at sign@elarroyo.com. We've already got the wheels turning for a few Southern words of wisdom we'd like to share. We love this post about Fridays.

But many more have us laughing oh-so-hard. Here are a few more of our absolute favorites:

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