Sherrod shares her best advice on remodeling your home, curb appeal, and why it's enough with the shiplap.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 09, 2019
Egypt Sherrod Headshot
Credit: Mike Eaton

Between hosting HGTV's Flipping Virgins and Property Virgins and the fact that she's a realtor, it's safe to say that Egypt Sherrod knows a thing or two about home renovations.

This summer, the media personality teamed up with LightStream—an online lender that offers home improvement loans (among other assistance)—to help people make their home renovation wish list come to life. Earlier this season, Southern Living caught up with the remodeling guru about her home renovation philosophy. For Sherrod, it's refreshingly simple: You can break down your home renovation into two categories, the guts (heater, roof, HVAC, etc.), and the glamour (aesthetic improvements).

"As far as the glamour, curb appeal all the way. It's easier to do those outside projects in the warmer months than in the colder months. That's taking care of your drainage, the irrigation, painting the exterior of your house," explains Sherrod (the last of which, as she points out, should be done every seven years). "Those types of projects."

For Sherrod, upgrading the exterior of your house can often be easier—and more affordable—than you may think. Painting, power washing, getting your driveway repaired, and restoring bricks or stone are just a few of her favorite projects to tackle to up your curb appeal. Not to mention, a pretty plant or two can go a long way. Beyond "beautifying," Sherrod created the video below to share some of her go-to home renovation tips.

As for common home renovation mistakes? Sherrod sees clients time and time again going too trendy. "For instance, you know when you walk into a house and it has wood paneling or it has shag carpet, there was an age for that where it was extremely popular and trendy and now it's a no-no," says Sherrod. "Well, I believe that there are some design trends like shiplap that we will in a few decades say the same thing, too. If you're really into a trend, try to do something that's more classic that will transcend the years."

Speaking of that shiplap bug, Sherro recommends more timeless alternatives like textured paint, stenciling, and especially wallpaper—think newer versions that can be steamed off with your iron. "It gives the dramatic appeal that people are looking for when doing these feature walls with less of a commitment," says Sherrod.

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But just do her a favor and make your home a shiplap-free zone—your future homebuyers will thank you.