Save this one away for your next cleaning session.


Haven't done your spring-cleaning yet? Don't despair: it's never too late to tidy up around the house.

If your home is anything like ours, your number one cleaning enemy is dust (OK, and pet hair and dishes and laundry too).

Dust. It's made up of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, soil, human skin cells, burnt meteorite particles and more, and it is everywhere. It's just a fact of life. But some places, particularly those that are hard to reach and/or see, can become absolute magnets for the stuff.

So hang onto this list of 17 places you might be missing, courtesy of our friends over at Apartment Therapy, for the next time you roll up your sleeves to do battle with dust.

  1. Light bulbs
  2. Overhead light fixtures
  3. Tops of books
  4. Tops of bookshelves
  5. Tops of kitchen cabinets
  6. Tops of air conditioner units
  7. Window frame ledges
  8. Candles
  9. Bed frames
  10. The top of the refrigerator
  11. Decorative items on your bookshelves
  12. Underneath your furniture
  13. Electronics' screens
  14. Plant leaves (real and fake)
  15. Lampshades
  16. Baseboards
  17. Ceiling fans

Happy dusting y'all!