Get ready for the new Spider Donut!

By Meghan Overdeep
October 02, 2017

Dunkin' Donuts is reportedly going all out for Halloween this year by rolling out a whole crop of devilishly-delicious new doughnuts. According to Delish, the brand is getting in the spooky spirit by revamping its entire dessert display with seasonal treats that are destined to haunt your Instagram feed until October 31st.

To start, all of the doughnuts—even the traditional ones—are getting new names. For example, Delish reports that glazed and double chocolate doughnuts, will be temporarily rebranded with names like Ghoulish Glazed and Choc-O-Lantern, while jelly doughnuts will be be called Vampire Delight. Some, like the Boston Cream, are getting a ghoulish update thanks to a squiggle of orange icing. For the Halloween season, these beloved treats will go by a new name: the Boston Scream.

Hands—and legs—down, the most exciting menu addition is the Spider Donut. It's a classic orange doughnut topped with a chocolate Munchkin and chocolate drizzle "legs."

Scary delicious!