Dunkin's special Matcha blend hails from a region of Japan known for its Matcha for more than 800 years.

We'll never turn down the opportunity to taste a new doughnut. So we suppose that means we'll be ordering a new flavor from Dunkin' in the near future, which is debuting its Matcha Topped Donut nationwide tomorrow, February 24, at participating restaurants. Per a company press release, the new donut flavor is made up of Dunkin's signature Glazed Donut, topped with Matcha powder for vegetal flavor notes and a hit of bold green color.

In addition to the Matcha-dusted doughnut, Dunkin will unveil a Blueberry Matcha Latte beverage tomorrow, made with a sweetened Matcha green tea powder blend with blueberry flavor and your choice of milk, available hot, iced, or frozen. Starting February 24 through March 23, DD Perks members can earn points toward a free beverage reward with double points (so 10 points per dollar as opposed to the typical five) on the purchase of any drinks in the Matcha Latte collection, which also includes the original Matcha Latte.

Matcha Topped Donut
Credit: Dunkin'

"Expanding our line of specialty drinks with Matcha Lattes last year created a whole new way to stay energized and refreshed at Dunkin'," said Jill Nelson, Vice President, Marketing & Culinary at Dunkin' in the same media statement. "This year, we're featuring one of our most popular drink combinations alongside our new Matcha Topped Donut to give guests even more options for enjoying this bright and delicious flavor in a uniquely Dunkin' way."

And it's worth noting that Dunkin's Matcha isn't just any old tea powder: Dunkin's uses a high-quality Matcha green tea powder blend, which is stone-ground in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, celebrated for its Matcha for more than 800 years. The same Matcha blend is used in both their beverages and also the new doughnut.

In addition to all the Matcha fun, Dunkin will also add zero-calorie Stevia In The Raw packets to their beverage sweetener options for coffee and tea drinkers to enjoy. The introduction of this stevia-based sweetener also begins tomorrow.

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St. Patrick's Day may still be a month out, but we're predicting a lot of green on the horizon. Who's joining us for a Matcha break?