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By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 28, 2019
sshepard/Getty Images

Forget weekend trips to the rodeo, for a taste of true country life, try driving your tractor to school.

As Wide Open Country originally reported, doing just that is an annual event in La Vernia, Texas, a tiny town outside of San Antonio. The tradition occurs during the final week of school where seniors are urged to ditch the car and drive their tractors to school.

"The tradition has grown over the past few years to include heavy equipment, tractors and mowers. Tractors with loading buckets and hay/pallet forks were driven through town and proudly parked in front of their school," writes Karla Blackstock for Wide Open Country. "There were nearly 10 pieces of equipment parked in the usual vehicle parking spaces on the school grounds [in 2015]." (Worth noting: The Wide Open Country article was originally published in 2015, but the "drive your tractor to school" events continue to flourish around the country, with the outlet citing instances in Kentucky, Colorado, and other parts of Texas.)

Read the full article on Wide Open Country here. Of course, as residents of the South, we can't say this rising trend raised much of an eyebrow for us.

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But growing up riding New York City's subway to high school or hopping on Chicago's "L" to get to your classes? Now that's got us ruffled.