The Property Brothers aren't shy about voicing their opinion on this one.

Property Brothers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

There's never a dull moment on Jonathan and Drew Scott's Property Brothers: Buying and Selling. The newest episode of the HGTV series graced us with a smart kitchen design tip, especially pertinent for those considering redesigning their kitchen counters.

As reported, the latest episode — which took place in Nashville — shed some light on where the Property Brothers stand on the contentious topic of tile kitchen countertops. "I hate tile counters," Jonathan firmly states on the show. "They just suck up all of the grime and the grease!" Drew, as he examines the grout between the tiles, retorts, "That food that you see? Pick it out!" (The homeowner Jessica quipped that her kids would take care of that later.)

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Of course, it's possible to clean tile countertops, but bear in mind it may become a burdensome daily chore if you opt for this material. If you must go tile, see if your contractor can install a tile with a stain and mildew-resistant grout to keep it looking as good as new.

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