They will definitely break out the cowboy hats.

Drew and Jonathan Scott
Credit: GP Images/WireImage/Getty Images

There's no doubt that Jonathan and Drew Scott are hard workers (who earn some big bucks). Not only do the real estate agent and his twin brother the home remodeling pro, star in the hit HGTV series Property Brothers, but they also star in the spin-off series Buying and Selling and Property Brothers: At Home. Now, the fifth season of their other spin-off series Brother vs. Brother is kicking off at 8 p.m. Wednesday on HGTV, and the surroundings will look very familiar to any Texans tuning in to the show. As the Houston Chronicle notes, this season the Scotts are setting up shop on Galveston Island, buying stilt-houses that overlook the bay.

In the show, the Scott brothers compete to buy, renovate, and sell a house on a budget of under $600,000 including the house itself, renovation materials, and all the furnishings. The brothers compete room-by-room, remodeling as they go, and guest judges (frequently from other HGTV shows) decide who wins, even if they don't make the biggest profit.

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It's a tough competition and the sibling rivalry tends to be fierce. That's why the Scott brothers ask for help and on the season opener, they bring in two Texas interior designers to give the homes a Southern flair—Beth Lindsey of Beth Lindsey Interior Design assisting on Team Drew and Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors working with Team Jonathan. The two designers work with the Scotts from the very beginning of the massive renovation projects helping select everything from floor covering to countertops, light fixtures, and furnishings. The Scotts have the final say, of course, and fans will know that both Jonathan and Drew have many opinions on home design.

There's no doubt that the new season of Brother vs Brother will be a lot of fun to watch.