Chip and Jo named their eldest son straight from a page of the couple's personal history.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 29, 2018
Chip and Joanna
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Chip and Joanna Gaines' eldest son has a strong and unique name: Drake. The memorable one-syllable name set the precedent for the Gaineses to give the boys in their family a one-syllable moniker that starts with a D, like brother Duke, and likley their soon-to-be born fifth child, a baby boy (the couple's two girls both have double names starting with an E, Ella Rose and Emmie Kay).

So what's the scoop behind Drake's name? Is the family obsessed with ducks? Greek mythology and dragons? Drake the rapper? Not quite, ducks and drakes. As Country Living recently explained, the story is more adorable than we ever dreamed. "Back when they were newlyweds, Chip and Jo honeymooned in New York City. For a portion of that trip, they stayed at the historic Drake Hotel, known for hosting celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and silent film star Lillian Gish," shares writer and editor Taysha Murtaugh. "Since then, the hotel has closed and the building has been demolished, but its memory lives on in Drake Gaines."

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With Joanna Gaines expected to give birth to baby number five this summer, we sure wonder if Waco's first couple has stayed at any handsomely titled hotels lately.