And he's not slowing down!
Donut Boy Tyler Carach
Credit: Facebook/I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop, Inc.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Donut Boy!

It's been two years and Tyler Carach is still at it. Since embarking on his sweet journey, the 11-year-old from Bratt, Florida has delivered more than 75,000 doughnuts to police officers in 41 states. Wearing a colorful doughnut cape (and with the help of his mom), the energetic youngster swoops in to police stations across the country bearing edible gifts—in iced, sprinkled and powdered varieties.

It's no surprise that these days, Tyler admits to being sick of doughnuts. "Yet, he still eats them," his mom, Sheena Carach, a former police officer herself, told Today.

In a 2017 interview with MSN, Tyler explained how it all started. "One day, me and my mom, went to a local store and I saw four cops and I asked my mom if I can buy them mini doughnuts with my own money, and when we left, I said, 'I want to thank every cop in America,'" he said. "I wanted to thank cops for what they do by keeping us safe and risking their lives for other people."

Thanking every police officer in America is a big job for a little kid but Tyler keeps at it, using every school break and nearly his entire summer vacation to reach his goal.

But it hasn't be just about doughnuts. Tyler has learned plenty about law enforcement along the way. In fact, he told Today that he's already decided on a future career as a K-9 officer.

These days, most of Tyler's doughnuts are donated, or his family buys them (up to 20 dozen at a time!) at a discount. And, in addition to support from his family, Tyler's trips are funded by donations from friends, relatives and strangers alike.

"He had a great idea, and we've been able to keep it going," his mom said.

You can support Tyler's mission at his website, and follow his progress via his "Donut Counter" here.