"A great friend is one you can share hair tips with."

We often find ourselves dreaming of being best friends with the original Smoky Mountain Songbird, Dolly Parton. She’s smart, sassy, successful, funny, kind, and charitable. What more could you ask for in a friend? She also leads by example as she always steps up in times of need, like now. Parton donated a million dollars to Vanderbilt Medical Center to fund efforts searching for a cure to COVID-19. She’s also taking to social media to read bedtime stories to children in this difficult and scary time. It’s also clear to see that she makes the most loyal of friends, evident in her many long-term friendships with her 9 to 5 cast mates, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, the late Kenny Rogers, and of course, Willie Nelson, just to name a few. Today, on Willie Nelson’s 87th birthday, Parton took to her ever active Instagram account to celebrate her dear, old friend.

Her post reads, “a great friend is one you can share hair tips with,” she enhances with a wink-face Emoji before wishing the Texas music legend a happy birthday. The two music icons go way, way back to the beginning of both of their careers. As Parton explained in a 2014 interview with CMT, they both arrived in Nashville to chase their music dreams around the same time and began songwriting for Combine Music. “Whether we were writing together or separately, it was one of those places where everybody kind of flopped down there in the basement of Monument Records, and everybody’s kind of hanging around,” she told CMT, adding “Willie and I are so similar. … I’ve known him all the days I’ve been in Nashville, and I just love him.”

As each of their stars rose, the pair stayed friends. They eventually would collaborate on many musical projects and perform together many times including this vintage performance also featuring Kenny Rogers.

And we love this performance from the duo of Parton’s “Everything’s Beautiful (In Its Own Way)" as well.

We would like to join Parton in wishing Nelson a most wonderful birthday, and we salute the both of them for this most inspiring, enduring friendship.