Dolly Parton Doesn't Make New Year's Resolutions for One Simple Reason

Hey, if Dolly skips 'em...

Want to channel your inner Dolly Parton? Oh, only 365 days a year. Well, if you want to be more like the Queen of Country, you may want to start by ditching the whole New Year's resolutions thing (yes, that's us you hear, breathing a sigh of relief right along with you).

Dolly Parton attends We Are Family Foundation honors Dolly Parton & Jean Paul Gaultier at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 05, 2019
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For some, setting a New Year's resolution can be an effective way to achieve your goals—whether that's writing a book or dropping 50 pounds—but for many, the pressure of setting up resolutions come January 1st can set you up for disappointment. For Parton, making annual New Year's resolutions is a detrimental protocol that gets her nowhere. "It's always the same thing: I'm gonna exercise more this year, I'm gonna eat better," Parton shared in 2014, per The Boot. "And that lasts for a couple of weeks, and then I'm right back where I started. So I don't make 'em 'cause I always break 'em."

We feel you, Smoky Mountain Songbird, and we'll take this as your official permission to bow out on making New Year's resolutions this year for ourselves, too. In lieu of resolutions this year, flip through these 17 Dolly Parton Quotes on Success That will Inspire You to Dream Big, and use these mantras to motivate you through the year ahead.

And lest we ignore the chorus touting the benefits of New Year's resolutions, please know we hear you and are glad the yearly process works for you. "Finally make that dang Hummingbird Cake and see what all the fuss is about," and "Throw away that half-used eye shadow palette from the Estee Lauder gift set of Christmas 2005, and ditch those blazers in the back of my closet, which haven't been in style since the Reagan administration," now those are vows we can get behind.

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