Yes, Dolly Parton Is Still Doing Her Glam Routine in Quarantine

This beauty queen isn't about to let a pandemic get between her and her eyelash curler.

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We're always in awe of Dolly Parton. Whether it's her kind heart—in recent weeks she's pledged $1 million to Vanderbilt Medical Center to help fight coronavirus and started a weekly bedtime story video series for youngsters—or her work ethic, the Queen of Country never ceases to impress us. We're truly always wowed by her beautiful spirit.

And don't get us started on her outer radiance, too. Ah, Dolly's sparkly clothes, dazzling makeup, and gorgeous blonde locks, we love it all. Okay, well, since you asked, we're perpetually amazed by her external beauty, too—as mama always said, "if you look good, you feel good." And this beauty queen isn't about to let a pandemic get between her and her eyelash curler.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, promoting the "AT HOME TOGETHER" playlist she curated for music streaming platform, Spotify, the country star opened up about how she's weathering the storm and spilled some details on her beauty MO right now. "[I'm] following all the social distancing rules, living on faith," Parton shared with PEOPLE. "I'm still working like always, trying to bring some light anywhere that I can."

"I always say that the only way I'd be caught without makeup is if a radio fell into the bathtub and electrocuted me," she quipped to the celebrity news outlet. "So yes, I'm always in glam!"

To that, we all breathe a collective sigh of relief. For as long as Dolly has her rhinestones glimmering and her signature bold lip and colorful eyeshadow applied, the world will go on.

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Thank you for always being you, Madame Smoky Mountain Songbird, and reminding us that a little big hair goes a long, long way. On that note, we think we've got some "AT HOME TOGETHER" tunes to blast and a vanity mirror waiting on us.

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