Dolly Parton Has a New Christmas Movie Coming to Netflix Next Winter

Be still, our couch potato hearts.

As Southerners, it's our filial duty to report on any and all things Dolly Parton. And while Christmas may still be a long ways away, we were excited to learn that the Smoky Mountain Songbird is releasing a Christmas musical for Netflix later this year, titled Christmas on the Square. Considering we've already watched every episode (twice) in Dolly Parton's latest Netflix release, Heartstrings, an eight-episode collection which looks at some of the stories behind the songwriter's beloved tunes—with plenty of Parton melodies you'll recognize throughout—we're definitely grateful we've got another Parton flick on the horizon.

As we first learned from Country Living, the new movie will have 12 original songs penned by Parton herself. Actor Mary Lane Haskell opened up about the upcoming project on a recent episode of the podcast My Year With Dolly. "It's really exciting. We shot it in Atlanta over the summer," Haskell told podcast host Justin Kirkland. "And it's the story of this little town in middle America..." she continues, revealing that the plot revolves around an heiress trying to sell the town she inherited before Christmas. "It's equal parts It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Carol. It's sort of a little nugget from all your favorite Christmas stories. And Dolly plays an Angel." You can listen to the full podcast on Spotify below. (Fast forward to the 26-minute mark if you'd like to get to the part about Christmas on the Square.)

According to the IMDb page for the movie, Christmas on the Square will star Dolly Parton, Treat Williams, Christine Barnski, among others, and is currently in post-production. The film is directed by Debbie Allen.

We repeat: Equal parts It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Carol. Any chance you could reframe this film as Christmas in July on the Square, dearest Dolly?

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