These volunteers are working around the clock to keep the public safe.
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Before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, we already knew Dolly Parton was a beacon of light and strength. Now, we're more certain of that than ever as we've seen the Queen of Country sweep in to provide financial support to Vanderbilt Medical Center's urgent work on the coronavirus front (see the video below), to help distribute medical supplies to essential workers through Dollywood, and to boost our spirits from many a video pep talk and musical performances from her home.

Now, we're moved by Dolly's latest inspirational message, in this installment expressing her gratitude for the Tennessee National Guard. "Thank you to the @tennesseenationalguard and all of the volunteers in Tennessee and around the world helping bring aid to those in need during these difficult times ❤️ We appreciate you!" she wrote in her caption alongside her video, also shared by the Tennessee National Guard.

Sporting a black frock, hot pink nails, and an assortment of gold jewelry, Parton begins her address: "How about those flyovers by the National Guard a few days ago? I'm so proud of all the folks at the National Guard,"  she says, mentioning that her niece has been part of the organization for many years. "I know both the Tennessee Army National Guard and the Tennessee Air National Guard have been working nonstop since the tornado ripped through early in March and then moved right into the COVID-19 response. Members of the Tennessee National Guard have provided tornado cleanup, search-and-rescue assistance, medical supply distribution, chaplain services, COVID-19 testing, and provided nurses to assist where staffing was at critical levels due to the COVID-19, as well as maintaining their normal missions here and around the world," she continues.

Reminding everyone of the spirit of Tennessee, she concludes, "Every member working the response has volunteered to do so. But after all, we are The Volunteer State, and I appreciate all of you and I know that everybody else does, too, so thank you so much."

Dolly's followers replied with grateful comments ranging from "As a Military mom I appreciate this" and "Lady Dolly, you are our grace and light," to "Many thanks to all who give service to this country! I see goodness in humanity! Thank you, Dolly, for posting this!" and "Thank you National Guard and all the military... America the Beautiful," clearly inspired by her speech.

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What figures have you turned to during this difficult time for emotional support? We're grateful for all the people, famous or not, for the words of wisdom and lasting significance they've provided us during this turbulent chapter.