Dolly spills the surprising muse of her first songwriting session.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 26, 2018

Crickets, Tennessee, old flames, butterflies, yellow roses. These are just a few of the many lyrical topics Dolly Parton has covered in her decades-spanning career. But before there were coats of many colors, there were corn cobs. Or more specifically, corn husk dolls, serving as the original musical creative influence for young Parton, enamored by songwriting from a young age.

"I made up my first lyrics before I could even write, about a little corncob doll I had as a girl," Parton writes to fans in an instagram post on Thursday, March 22nd. "My mama wrote them down for me, and I've been singing ever since!"

With followers' comments ranging from "NEVER STOP" to "[s]ome people are born with the music in their soul," Parton clearly has no shortage of admirers eager to learn every last detail about her life. So, here's a fun piece of trivia: The Queen of Country has actually shared this special song with her fans. Called "Little Tiny Tasseltop," you can watch her perform the sweet song in a 2016 interview on CBS This Morning below.

Cue to "Little tiny tasseltop, I love you an awful lot / Corn silk hair and big brown eyes, how you make me smile" playing in our heads on repeat all day.