Parton gets candid about her famously private relationship.

A large part of Dolly Parton's enduring appeal is her willingness to put it all out there. Embarrassing moments, childhood tales, even stories that border on TMI. Throughout her half century in the spotlight, the beloved songstress has been a veritable open book. Except, of course, when it comes to her longtime husband Carl Dean.

"My husband is not one who wants to be just thrown out there," Parton explained in a 2016 interview with Vogue. "He's very private, and I've always respected that for him and about him. And so, we just try to live our lives. Everybody is not entitled to every single thing you do and thought you think, although I do share as much of my life as I possibly can. I'm not holding back any information, but there are just some things that are sacred and private."

Dolly Parton
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Incredibly, and against all odds, they've managed to balance Dean's shy nature and Parton's career for more than five decades—a long time for any couple.

On a recent episode of the Table Manners with Jessie Ware podcast, Parton confessed something most longtime lovebirds can relate to.

"My husband and I have been together for 57 years and married for 54. I'm sick of him and I'm sure he's sick of me," she joked.

Though they never had children of their own, the couple has never been short on family—something Dean has had to get used to.  

"He has one brother and one sister, so he's had to kind of get used to my big family because I've always had my family around me," Parton told Ware. "He loves them all, and they love him."

Here's to another 54 years, you two!