Dolly Parton Tells Hoda Kotb Her Best Marriage Advice for Living in Quarantine

Dolly chats with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager about how to keep it together with your spouse while staying at home.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many celebrities have stepped up to help in countless creative ways. Among them, Dolly Parton has gone above and beyond both financially to help support coronavirus research (check out the video below) and also by providing a bit of light in people's lives by starting a weekly bedtime reading series for children.

Now, she's become our relationship guru and giving some much-appreciated relationship advice for couples living together during this difficult time. Yesterday, she virtually pinged in to the TODAY show with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager to share more about the initiatives she's taken during the coronavirus outbreak, give an update on what music she's playing to keep spirits high, and talk about the death of her longtime collaborator and dear friend, Kenny Rogers.

Today - Season 68 Dolly Parton
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Towards the end of the segment, Bush Hager playfully notes that Kotb has upcoming nuptials and considering that Parton has been married for 54 years, might she have any marriage advice?

"I would say if you're trapped in the house with him, you might want to be in separate rooms," Parton quipped, in light of the current situation. "The reason it worked for me is because I've stayed gone. I can't get away now. I'm stuck there waiting. I might find out who he is. We may not make it until the next anniversary, I don't know," she says, chuckling along the way.

"[Humor] really is [a huge part of our marriage success]. The fact that we're both great friends and we both are very crazy people, and we have a completely different sense of humor, but we just absolutely laugh all the time, and that's been true through the years. I think there's a whole lot to be said about being good friends, but a good sense of humor..laughter truly is the best medicine and it's true with relationships as well." You can watch the full segment here.

Ah, what a breath of fresh air and inspiration from the one and only Smoky Mountain Songbird. Thank you for reminding us to keep our heads high and our bellies keeling over with laughter.

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