Dolly Parton Reacts to Fans Covering "9 to 5," Jolene," and More of Her Classic Songs on YouTube

"I mean, it's Dolly freaking Parton!" one shocked YouTuber responds.

Dolly Parton on TODAY
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Oh, you know, just another day at the office for country singer extraordinaire, Dolly Parton. For a host of lucky YouTubers, a day they will for sure never forget.

In a recent episode of Glamour's video series, "You Sang My Song" in which musicians watch impressive cover renditions of their top songs on YouTube and share their reactions, the outlet recruited none other than the Smoky Mountain Songbird to step into the hot seat.

"I'm honored always to hear people record my songs and hear 'em done in different ways. It's just fun and exciting to a songwriter," Parton says at the 51-second mark. Needless to say, the performers were floored when they were presented with Parton reacting to their covers, and could barely contain their excitement.

"Stick a fork in me, I'm done! I'm so happy. She's such an idol to know that she knows I exist nonetheless think I'm a good singer, I can die happy...those kind words coming from your mouth mean the entire world to me you are such an inspiration to me and female musicians and musicians everywhere," one ecstatic musician says at the 2:01 mark after Parton praised her "9 to 5" cover, while her bandmate adds "wiping tears away after that."

"I mean it's Dolly freaking Parton" another singer sums it up four minutes and 32 seconds into the video. "So many of my memories are wrapped up in her music, and my families memories. I'm so impressed with her. I hope that someday I can shine even a fraction of the light that she's shined on my life with the world." And the amazing reactions from Dolly and fans performing her songs just keep on coming from there. Watch the full video below.

Not that we have the vocal chops or anything, but doesn't that video just make you want to take a spin at covering some of Parton's tunes yourself? (At least in the shower, for now.)

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What a funny and joy-filled video from the team at Glamour. It's the exact kind of pick-me-up we need for days like this—our only wish is that it were about 45 minutes longer. Bring on the Dolly tunes.

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