Parton chats with TODAY host Hoda Kotb about the inspiring scripture and quote keeping her going amid the coronavirus crisis.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 22, 2020

In recent weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dolly Parton has taken much action to help her Tennessee community and country at large in so many ways. Her beloved theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood, has given local first responders and staff at East Tennessee Children's Hospital protective supplies. The country star also committed $1 million to help advance coronavirus research at Vanderbilt Medical Center. The Book Lady has also started a weekly video series reading books to children. What can't Dolly do?

This week, however, she's inspiring us with her words: On Monday, Parton caught up with TODAY show anchor Hoda Kotb in her "Quoted By...with Hoda" segment. "What's your beacon of light?" Kotb poses to the country icon to start their chat.

"I actually think a lot about things that my mama used to say and things I learned in the church growing up. And I still love the scripture that through 'God all things are possible.' And that just covers so much territory. And it's like God is able to clear everything up. God is able to heal, God is able to open people's eyes, open people's hearts, if we allow it. To me, I always thought that was a good scripture...even when I feel weak within myself, I think that through God 'I can do this. All things are possible," Parton shares.

"I think [in light of the coronavirus pandemic] people are really turning to their faith more...we just kind of drift along like leaves in the wind and then when something like this happens it just jolts you and you just panic, you just freak, and then you really realize how small we are in comparison to what matters," she continues.

Later in their conversation, Parton shares another favorite quote of her's: "There's nothing to fear but fear itself," from from the 1933 inaugural address of Franklin D. Roosevelt. "It's natural to be afraid when things are different than what you're used to, getting out of your patterns and rhythms and realizing that something like this can happen that you have no real control over. And of course it's natural to be afraid, but you cannot let fear be the ruler," she explains.

"You can't help yourself or you can't help anyone else if you're scared to death. You kinda gotta work on through that and ask God to strengthen you and those of us who are of a spiritual nature and those that are not you still gotta go into that higher wisdom within yourself whatever you pull against. But you really need right now to take personal inventory and actually just look at the world and see what all we can do to make life easier and better for each other," she adds, reminding us all that these present hardships present a timely opportunity for self-reflection.

Watch the full clip below.

Well, if we weren't already, it's safe to say we are full converts to the House of Dolly Parton. Through Dolly all things are possible. Amen.