"You never know when you start out with your work how it's going to turn out, but to have these two world records makes me feel very humbled and blessed!"

By Meghan Overdeep
January 17, 2018
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John Shearer/Guinness World Records

Dolly Parton's collection of accolades seems to grow bigger and more illustrious by the day! Most recently, the queen of country was awarded not one, but two records in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records.

Parton was recently recognized for holding the record for the "Most Decades with a Top 20 Hit on Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart" after surpassing fellow country music greats, George Jones, Elvis Presley and Reba McEntire, to become the only artist with Top 20 hits across six consecutive decades. 2016's remastered version of "Jolene"—Parton's 107th chart entry— solidified her second record: "Most Hits on Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart by a Female Artist."

To make things official, Guinness World Records officials visited Parton in Nashville, and sat down for an interview with the living legend. In addition to a question about to what she attributes her success (hard work, for the record), Parton was asked to choose a favorite song from her six-decade career. Unsurprisingly, she couldn't choose just one.

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"I think the song most personal to me—so I guess it would be my favorite—is my little story of ‘The Coat of Many Colors,' because it's really about our mom, our dad, our lifestyle, and it always reminds me of my childhood," Parton revealed. "It's about attitude and it's an anti-bullying kind of song, so it really covers a lot. But it's just very personal to me because it's something that happened."

The nearly 72-year-old continued: "But, as a singer you always have songs you love to sing more than others, and I think that's "I Will Always Love You." It's one of the biggest hits that I've written. It's an emotional song and it also allows me to feel like I can do my part as a singer."

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