The Smokey Mountain Songbird is leading by example, again.


These are dark and troubling times, and it can often be hard to focus on the light. But as resilient Southerners always do, we are finding positives in simple gestures of kindness, and those with the means to help in a big way are stepping up. Last week, we learned that Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, donated to help the state of Louisiana fight the COVID-19 pandemic and today, Dolly Parton made a big donation of her own. Posting on her social media channels, Parton announced that she would be donating one million dollars to Vanderbilt Medical Center to aid their research efforts for finding a cure to the coronavirus.

As she mentions in her post, Parton sought the advice of a leader in the medical field of how her donation could be most useful. Her friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad, has long been a leader within the research community at Vanderbilt. Parton hopes that her donation will spark more from others who can afford to join the fight.

This global health crisis has been on Parton’s mind from the beginning, and this is just one way she’s lending her voice and famous platform to help. She also announced she would be reading children’s books once a week on YouTube to help ease the minds of our children—and perhaps give mom and dad a little break as well.

Thank you, Dolly!