The Tennessee songstress played a big part in the development of the vaccine, but reportedly didn’t want to “jump the line.”


Dolly Parton was singing vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiine at Vanderbilt Health Tuesday afternoon.

The beloved songstress revealed on Instagram that she has received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

That's right, y'all! Parton, 75, who famously donated $1 million to the Tennessee hospital's quest for a vaccine back in April, finally got a jab of her own.

"Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine," the singer wrote alongside a photo (below) of herself receiving the injection.  And can we just take a minute to applaud her on her wardrobe choice? Arm cutouts = no need for sleeve rolling. Brilliant!

Parton also shared a four-minute video on Twitter of the lead-up to the injection. It it, she explains the thought process behind her decision to get vaccinated.

"I've been waiting a while," Parton said with a laugh. "I'm old enough to get it, and I'm smart enough to get it. I'm very happy that I'm going to get my Moderna shot today."

The prolific philanthropist also encouraged all who are eligible to follow in her footsteps.

"I just want to say to all of you cowards out there: don't be such a chicken squat," Parton said. "Get out there and get your shot."

News that Parton's generosity was used, in part, to fund Moderna's vaccine, broke in November. The fact that it took this long for her to receive her own vaccine, is yet another testament to her unending kindness.

"I'd get it now, but I'm not going to jump the line," Parton told USA Today in February. "I think we're going to need it, because things are not looking good out there."

"I think I'm getting more credit than I deserve," she went on to say of her involvement in the breakthrough. "But I was just so happy to be a small part, and to plant a seed that would grow into something bigger."

Parton joins fellow country legends Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn, who have already received their Covid-19 vaccinations.

Congratulations, Dolly and thank you, as always, for all the good work you do.