She also got mama a mug emblazoned with the words "love never fails," from the Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors movie.

One Oak Ridge, Tennessee resident just went above and beyond for her mom's birthday this year, by wowing her with a Dolly Parton-inspired "cake of many colors," and a mug to boot.

This year, Lindsey Gilliam, with the help of tumbler designer Sharone Arevalo of Clarksville, Tennessee, and custom cake maker Benca Flippen with Flippen Cakes in Oliver Springs, Tennessee,  made her mom Misty Pack's birthday one for the books. "Living in East Tennessee, you are almost destined to be a Dolly Parton fan to some extent. My mom and I have always loved Dolly and my parents always held season passes to her theme park, Dollywood. But our love for her grew beyond that when we watched the movie Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors for the first time together," Gilliam shared with Southern Living.

Continuing, Gilliam adds, "Dolly's family were not rich in material things, but they had each other and in the movie, Dolly's parents always showed them love. In fact, when Dolly was being bullied at school, Dolly's mom Avie Lee told her to always remember that 'love never fails.' While growing up, my mom and dad always taught us to love and treat others with kindness no matter the circumstance. While my mom and I quote the movie to each other often, 'love never fails' is the quote that has always been special to me because It reminds me to always live the way I was taught and to follow the example of my parents."

Gilliam's wheels first got turning for the special January birthday gift for her mom over Christmastime. "The inspiration for [the tumbler] started when I received a custom tumbler that was designed by Mrs. Sharone for Christmas from my mother-in-law. As soon I opened the cup I knew I needed to have one designed for my mom's birthday in January. I automatically thought about Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors because since its release, it has been such a special movie that my mom and I have bonded over," explained Gilliam. Inspired by the "love never fails" quote in the movie Gilliam had the phrase written on the tumbler, along with her mother's initials.

As for her mom's birthday cake, Gilliam knew she wanted something to go along with this Dolly Parton-inspired theme she had going. "I contacted my 'cake lady' who I typically use and asked if she could make a cake that matched my mother's cup. Complete with the 'seams' on the edges of the patchwork and the glitter detail," commented Gilliam. "[My mom] loved it so much and her face was priceless when she opened her cup and when they brought the cake out. I hope I will always remember how happy she was that night. Unfortunately, now my family and I both know that I can never top this year's cake or present."