Their goal is to bring people together and bring some smiles to people's faces with a little puppy love.
Charlottesville Photographer's Instagram Famous Golden Retriever
Credit: Samantha Brooke Photography

In the darkness that has surrounded Charlottesville since last weekend's tragic events, residents of the beautiful Virginia city are coming together to share messages of unity and positivity.

Samantha Brooke, a local photographer known for her Insta-famous golden retriever pups Aspen and Koa, is taking a particularly unique approach. Brooke, Aspen, Koa, and fellow photographer Amy Benoit, will be holding a free community therapy session and meet-and-greet Friday, August 18th, and Saturday, August 19th. Their goal is to bring people together, "flood everyone's timeline with positive images of Charlottesville," and bring some smiles to people's faces with a little puppy love (and maybe a little drool).

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"Aspen & Koa will be hosting a community therapy session meet & greet on the Downtown Mall and @uva this Friday & Saturday," Brooke wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of one of the dogs taking in the stunning Charlottesville scenery. "My goal is to bring the community together for pictures with the pups to spread positive images."

Brooke and her four-legged friends will be on Charlottesville's downtown mall starting at 5pm this Friday. Stop by for a photo or just a big slobbery kiss, and share your experience with the hashtag #mycharlottesville.