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Black Dog
Credit: Caziopeia/Getty Images

When the abandoned South Carolina factory Miracle and her six puppies had been living in caught fire last winter, the mama dog sprung into action. The black pitbull safely removed each one of her puppies from the burning building, somehow breaking a leg in the process.

Not long after, The Dodo reports that a passerby spotted her wandering around the smoldering factory and took her to a local shelter. Staff there noticed that, in addition to a broken leg, Miracle was producing milk, which meant her babies were still out there. Unfortunately when an animal control officer asked the fire department if they could take Miracle back to the factory to look for them, she was told she couldn't go back to the site for several days.

Four painful days passed before the officer was able to return to the factory with Miracle. As soon as they arrived Miracle led the officer directly to the spot in the woods where she had stashed her young pups. According to The Dodo, all six puppies had waited patiently for her to return, and were over the moon to be reunited with their mother.

Together at last, Miracle and her puppies were transferred to Dóchas N Grá where they were given the care they needed.

"The babies were in good condition, about 5 weeks old," Victoria McGonigal, owner and director of Dóchas N Grá, tells The Dodo. "Miracle had X-rays done and it was seen that her shoulder was broken and had a severe infection. They think she may have did it in the fire while moving her babies."

Unfortunately, the injuries were so severe that the leg had to be amputated. But it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

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"Miracle is the sweetest, most laid-back dog," McGonigal tells The Dodo. "She is one of those dogs that you know truly appreciates us saving her life and the lives of her babies."

A few weeks later, all six pups were adopted, and now, with her leg fully healed, Miracle is being fostered with the intent to adopt. If all goes well, this brave beauty will finally have her own loving home.