If you're a devoted dog mom—or know somebody who is—this one's for you.

Dog Mom Anthem
Credit: BarkBox

Just in time for Mother's Day, the pup people at Barkbox came up with a spot-on anthem for the crazy dog mom in all of us. In "Dog Mom Anthem," rappers/comedians T-Spoon and ZZTopHalf cover it all—from shameless morning pajama walks and picking up poop, to falling asleep to the sound of your dog licking himself. It's all too familiar and completely hilarious.

"If you're a dog mom, put your hands up/ This song's for all the ladies who provide for their pup," the ladies rap in the chorus. "When you're a dog mom this is what you do/ Cause they say your not my baby and I know it ain't true."

The video, which is just as funny as the song, is chewing up the Internet, racking up nearly 20 million views in just two days.


Barkbox social media manager, Katie Haller, whose rapping alter ego "T-Spoon" appears in the now-viral video, told SouthernLiving.com that a song about dog moms is an idea she's been sitting on for years.

"We wanted to do something to empower dog moms for Mother's Day, but we didn't want to cross the line of comparing kids to dogs," she explains. "Dog moms are still parents in some way—but we know that dogs aren't actually children. "But we definitely joked about it, I mean I had a pomeranian in a Bjorn."

Happy Mother's Day to all you dog moms out there!