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Dog Island Shipwreck
Credit: Faceook/Carrabelle Boat Club/Andrew Smith

In a curious twist, it turns out that Hurricane Michael didn't just bring destruction to the Florida Panhandle, it also revealed it.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the surge from the monster category 4 hurricane unearthed 119-year-old shipwrecks on Franklin County's Dog Island—vessels that are believed to have been beached during the 1899 Carrabelle Hurricane.

Over the weekend, Carrabelle Boat Club, which sits across the Saint George Sound from Dog Island, shared photos (below) on Twitter and Facebook of what appear to be a ship's disintegrating wooden hull on the sandy shore of the small barrier island.

The Democrat reports that the ships' remains sits in plain view on the Gulf of Mexico side near the west end of the island.

Packing category 2 winds, the Carrabelle Hurricane destroyed an estimated 57 ships and nearly wiped the town of Carrabelle off the map, leaving a total of nine homes standing.

"They've been mostly stationary since 1899 when they were wrecked in a hurricane," Florida Department of State spokeswoman Sarah Revell told the Democrat "From time to time, some parts of the site have become exposed."

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The exact identity of the ships Michael revealed more than a century later is unknown. Florida officials told the Democrat that because state resources are tied up assisting with more urgent hurricane recovery efforts, there is currently no plan for state archaeologists to visit the sites.