Dr. Michael Paul helped bring eight boys and one sweet girl into the world, enough for the world's cutest baseball team.


Triplets aren't out of the ordinary for Dr. Michael Paul—the head of maternal-fetal medicine at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis has his own set at home! But when he delivered three healthy sets of triplets within weeks of each other at the end of last year, Paul found himself in the midst of something extraordinary.

According to Today, Paul delivered the first set of triplets to Jessica and Ben Kennedy on Nov. 2, the second set to Michael and Kristen McCloy on Nov. 26 and the third set to parents Jeri and Aaron Wright on Dec. 16—eight boys and one girl, enough for a baseball team.

Statistically, two of the babies should have been more compromised, Paul says, but luckily this time that wasn't the case. "It's a bit of a miracle to be able to say, jeez, nobody has a problem," he tells Today. "These high-risk pregnancies all delivered successfully."

Credit: Chris Malacarne

To mark the incredible event, Paul and all nine babies recently posed for group photos. Paul wore his doctor's coat, and the infants wore matching St. Louis Cardinals onesies.

"We just thought, what a perfect opportunity with opening day (of baseball season)," Rachel Kraby, a spokesperson for the hospital who helped arrange the photo shoot explains. "We're such a baseball town, and there's one for every position."

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But that's not where the sweet story ends. The moms, who didn't know each other before they became pregnant, are now lifelong friends, supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of raising multiples.

"They communicate with each other on a regular basis," Paul says. "They're all going through the same things a few days or weeks behind each other, the same milestones."