This insider intel is pretty neat.

Mickey Mouse Outside Castle
Credit: Courtesy Walt Disney World / David Roark

On days when work doesn't go your way or the kiddos are more than nine handfuls, do you ever dream of taking a life sabbatical at Disney World? Us too.

For the lucky folks who work at Disney World — whether it's dressing up as a Disney princess or working at a shop — known as "cast members," there's a grab bag of park secrets unkown to regular park visitors. As Business Insider revealed in a recent article, one particularly interesting tidbit is how cast members navigate Disney's sprawling grounds.

Whether you're dressed to the nines as Cinderella or manning the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, cast members travel through a hidden labyrinth of underground tunnels. "The underground 'utilidors' serve to allow cast members to move about the Magic Kingdom and Epcot unseen. According to Disney expert and author Mike Fox of, Disneyland also features a smaller system of utilidors," writes Áine Cain in the piece. "The ones constructed in Walt Disney World were built at ground level, to avoid the area's high water table. The whole park is actually built around 14 feet above ground level."

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Apparently, these so-called utiladors can also host cast members on bikes or small carts as they zoom below the Happiest Place on Earth. Given the hot Florida sun and some of those heavy costumes, we sure hope these tunnels offer air conditioning.