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Disney World
Credit: Matt Stroshane/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There's no denying that Disney World wouldn't be Disney World without certain features — from Main Street USA and the tea cups to Splash Mountain and the Dumbo ride — and we look forward to returning to these Disney staples year after year.

But what's the one ride that an expert says will stand the test of time at the beloved Orlando theme park? It's not a spin at the Mad Tea Party or a lift from our grey friends with floppy ears.

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Instead, it's Disney World's Carousel of Progress that will always remain in Magic Kingdom', according to Micaela Garber, an Orlando native who was an employee of Disney World for a summer. "Unlike Disney World's more flashy rides, The Carousel of Progress is a 21-minute, four-act play about how industrial advances over the past century have shaped everyday American life," the articles author Lia Ryerson says of the Tomorrowland attraction. "The ride is indisputably outdated — while it begins in the 1900s, its final act takes place in a 'present' that was last updated in 1994."

As eternal fans of the '90s, we have to say we find the ride and nostalgia it brings up in us endearing. See y'all in the great, big beautiful tomorrow!