Just what we needed.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 03, 2020
Disney Cinderella Castle Puzzle
Credit: shopDisney

Puzzle lovers rejoice! Disney is getting in on the puzzle pandemonium spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.

While the popular time-killers continue to fly off shelves, shopDisney has introduced a handful of magical new jigsaw puzzles featuring characters from Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, The Lion King, Toy Story, and Beauty and the Beast as well as scenes depicting Mickey and Minnie, a collage of vintage Disney buttons, an homage to your favorite villains, and a fantastical illustration of Cinderella’s Castle (pictured above).

Snatch up a beautifully detailed 750-piece puzzle of Minnie and Mickey sharing a kiss at their lakeside cottage by Thomas Kinkade for $18.99.

Micky and Minnie Puzzle

This enchanting 750-piece puzzle featuring Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip with the Woodcutter's Cottage is available (only once upon a dream) for $18.99 as well.

Sleeping Beauty Puzzle
Credit: shopDisney

Those looking to occupy a little more time will appreciate this stunning 1,500-piece Lion King puzzle ($22.99) as well as the 1,500-piece puzzle boasting a who’s-who of Disney's greatest villains ($22.99).

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These stunning puzzles and more are currently available online at shopDisney.com.

Happy puzzling, y’all!