We all go to Disney for the food, right?

Angry Little Pudding Cup Disney Park Snacks
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It should come as no surprise that the new Guardians of the Galaxy-themed treats popping up at Disney this week are completely out of this world. After all, it's only fitting that a film about a misfit band of superheroes rocketing through space would get treats to match.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy menu is kicking off as part of Disney's Summer of Heroes and Delish tipped us off to a Disney park blog post that gives all the details.

Pick up a Super Hero Sized Sub, a "Promising Future Falafel" sandwich with chickpea fritters and pickled cabbage, or "Groot-shaped" jalapeno-cheese bread for lunch.

Wash it down with a drink like the "Rocket Fuel" smoothie, "Krylorian Kooler" (watermelon or strawberry lemonade), or "Infinity-Ade", which pairs lavender lemonade with a glowing cube. There's also a list of "Cosmic Cocktails" for adults looking to get in on the fun.

Bifrosties Disney Snacks
Credit: via disneyparks.disney.go.com

The menu will really shine for anyone with an intergalactic sweet tooth. Dessert options range from "Award Wieners" (the name alone will crack up any nine-year olds in your party) made with funnel cake "fries" dipped into cups of whipped cream and mango and raspberry coulis or chocolate pudding. There's also a full menu of "gamma sized" doughnuts in flavors like maple-bacon and apple streusel, a "Multiverse Parfait" of chocolate cake layered with white and dark chocolate mousse and cherry jelly, and "Bifrosties", which are shaved ice in flavors like "Spinal Fluid" (banana, mango, and chili lime) and "Ice Reactor" (strawberry and banana). The

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While it appears that the Guardians of the Galaxy menu is only at Disney California Adventure right now, it seems likely that they'll make their way to the Florida parks soon. If not, it would be fun to try and recreate these treats at home with a little creativity and star dust.